Orange Seal vs Stan’s: Which Tire Sealant is Better?

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Orange Seal
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  • Best for any punctures especially in Cold

Tubeless tires are popular nowadays due to the convenience of fixing punctures with ease. You can easily seal the puncture on a tubeless tire using a sealant. For this convenience and ease of use, tubeless tires are gaining popularity among all kinds of bikers.

It does not matter where you plan to take the bike, be it on gravel, road, or trails. You can seal the puncture on the spot using a tire sealant. When it comes to tire sealants, there are really two main choices, namely Orange Seal and Stan’s No Tube Tire Sealant.

Orange Seal and Stan’s tire sealants have been around for several years now and both have their set of loyal customers. Both primarily offer the same function: to seal a punctured tubeless tire. When it comes to Orange Seal vs Stan’s, it comes down to minor details.

Both tire sealants are good at what they do and have good reviews. In this article, we will go into detail about Orange Seal vs Stan’s. We will compare the specs of both these tire sealants. We will then examine some key differences and conclude which tire sealant is better in our experience and why.

Orange Seal vs Stan’s Specifications

The first thing we will look at when doing Orange Seal vs Stan’s is to compare the specs of both of these tire sealant.

Orange SealStan’s No Tube Sealant
TimeLasts for 3 monthsLasts for 7 months
Min TemperatureCan withstand -20°F (Subzero)Can withstand -20°F
ProcessApplied using an injection via core valve stemApplied using an injection via core valve stem
Time taken to activateInstantInstant
ExpiryNo expiryNo expiry
Type of punctureAll. Works best for sidewalk puncturesAll. Works best for sidewalk punctures

Orange Seal Tire Sealant Overview

Let’s take a look at Orange Seal tire sealant. This sealant is made for MTB, road, CX and gravel bicycle tires. It lasts a really long time. From our experience, it can last up to 3 months. That is ideal for low maintenance. It is also easy to apply and works from the moment you put it on. Orange seal tire seals the puncture and allows you to ride the bike without flats. The Orange Seal Endurance formula in the tire sealant instantly seals the puncture.

In case you are wondering how much sealant to use for your bike type, the following chart will be helpful:

Bike TypeAmount
650b/700C Road Bike1-2oz
650b/700c Gravel Bike2oz
MTN 26″3oz
MTN 27.53oz
MTN 29″4oz

Orange Seal tire sealant is made of latex. Latex is very effective when it comes to fixing punctures. Not only does the latex adhere to the rubber but it also it also seals the entire contact surface of the rim. This allows you to ride without flats. Apart from its instant fixing of the puncture, Orange Seal can also provide a comfortable riding experience for punctures up to 1/4” and slices up to ¾”. It can also work in low temperatures of 11°F. This means that the tire sealant will also work perfectly in low temperatures.


  • Long lasting
  • Comes in 3 variants
  • Orange Seal Endurance formula works instantly


  • Unlike Stan’s, it does not work in extremely low temperatures of -30°F

Stan’s Tire Sealant Overview

Let’s have a look at Stan’s tire sealant now. Stan’s tire sealant has been around for ages now and has built a solid repute for itself. This sealant is really popular among mountain bikers. The sealant is effective at sealing punctures of up to 1/4″ (6.5 mm). It is very easy to use. You simply pour it over the puncture and it will bind. You can also use an injection for more precise application. The material used in the sealant is of low viscosity and can work in extremely low temperatures of -20°F. It is also quite long lasting and last up to 7 months. Stan’s also offers accompanying tool kits to make the process of fixing the puncture really smooth. The ease of application, good performance and excellent longevity make Stan’s tire sealant a favorite among cyclists of all kinds.


  • Long lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Can work in extremely cold weather


  • Not as many variants as Orange Seal

Orange Seal vs Stan’s Differences

Orange Seal vs Stan’s won’t be complete without mentioning the differences between the two tire sealants. Both of these tire sealants have their sets of fans who swear by them. As a cyclist, I have also used both frequently and have to say that both of them are good at what they do.

One thing I noticed was that in humid and dry weather, Orange Seal performed better than Stan’s. Stan’s is excellent in extremely cold weather but for humid conditions, Orange Seal takes the cake. On the other hand, Stan’s works like a charm in cold weather.

Orange Seal comes in 3 variants. Each of these variants come in different sizes. Stan’s also has a few variants but they aren’t as popular as Orange Seal. However, Stan’s offer a number of accompanying tools which help you to fix your tire within a few minutes.

Another difference between these two tire sealants is that Orange Seal can fix deeper cuts of up to 1/4” and slices up to ¾”. This makes it a little more versatile. However, it is important to note that it is rare to get such deep cuts while cycling.

Orange Seal vs Stan’s: Which Tire Sealant is Better?

We finally come at the end of Orange Seal vs Stan’s comparison. Both are quality tire sealants and you really can’t go wrong with anyone. To answer the question as to which one is better, you have to consider a few things.

Firstly, how often do you like to keep tabs on your bike? Are you a regular maintenance cyclist or a casual one? If you like a casual routine, then it is better to go with Stan’s No Tube sealant. The simple reason is that it can last for a longer time period than Orange Seal.

Secondly, you have to consider which kind of route you take on your bike. If you take really rough trails where the chances of getting a deep cut is high, you may very well opt for Orange Seal. This is because Orange Seal can fix puncture and cuts of up to 1/4” and slices up to ¾”.

Thirdly, you have to consider the climate and conditions where you live. For extremely cold weather, Stan’s is a better tire sealant. However in humid conditions, Orange Seal works better. Therefore, it is up to you which tire sealant you pick according to your surroundings. By considering these factors, you will be better able to make a good purchase decision between the two tire sealants.

Stan’s vs Orange Tire Sealant Detailed Video Guide

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