Loudest Hubs MTB – Pros & Cons [Explained]

A hub is a part of the bike that connects the wheel to the frame. The loudest hubs are often found on bikes with disc brakes, as they tend to be more powerful than traditional rim brakes.

These hubs are also referred to as “rotor”, because they have a large surface area, and therefore make a lot of noise when you hit bumps or other objects while riding in the woods.

The loudest hubs in MTB’s are usually made out of steel. This material makes it much easier to produce a powerful brake and prevents rust from forming on the surface of your bike’s frame.

What are MTB Hubs?

MTB hubs are the center of your bike. They connect your wheels to the frame and they can be very important in terms of the performance of your bike. MTB hubs get a lot of wear and tear from braking and pedaling. Therefore it is vital that you invest in a good one.

Loud hubs are made of different materials. Some are made from metal, some from plastic and some from composites. The loudest hubs are made from metal because metals are more robust than other materials and can withstand a lot of stress during their lifetime. This also means that the high quality hubs are made of metal.

There are different types of mtb hubs depending on the type of bicycle you have. You have standard bikes where all the components are connected to the hub through a ball bearing which will give you better performance and durability but you need special tools to fix it properly.

There are also disc brakes systems where instead of bearings there are brake pads that work better than regular ones when it comes down to stopping power.

Finally there is also mountain biking where each wheel has its own drive system which means that there is no need for a drive gear inside each wheel as long as both wheels rotate at equal speeds then everything should be fine!

The term “hub” refers to the central point of a wheel, which is where most of the spokes meet. MTB hubs are the same thing, except they’re for mountain bikes and not cars.

The loudest hubs on earth are the ones that attach to your bicycle’s rear wheel. They’re used for attaching your brake pads, so they have to be strong enough to withstand the stress of braking with maximum power in all directions.

What are the loudest hubs in MTB?

Loudest hubs in MTB’s are the axle of your wheel. They connect the wheel to the rest of the bike, so they have a lot of responsibility. Some of the loudest bike hubs are Shimano XT hubs, Hydra hubs and Chris King MTB hubs.

Shimano XT Hub MTB

Shimano XT Rear Loud Hub MTB

  • Angular contact bearings
  • Double contact seals
  • Borozon treated races
  • Large flange design

The loudest hub is the Shimano XT Hub, which has been known to make some pretty high-pitched squeals when they’re under a lot of stress. XT hubs are known for their durability, so they’re great for long rides and heavy loads—but they can be hard on gear cables if you’re not careful. The XT hub from Shimano is one of the most reliable on the market. It provides performance at an affordable price.

Chris King is one of the best MTB hubs maker. They have quality and the hubs are quite loud. This quality does come at a cost as this brand is expensive

Hubs are the parts of a bicycle that connect the axle to the frame. Hubs can be found on almost all bikes, but they’re especially common on mountain bikes. Hubs are used for many different purposes, including transmission and braking.

The loudest hubs tend to be those that are used in off-road racing and downhill/cross country riding. These hubs use large bearings, which allow them to spin at high speeds without wearing out quickly. Further, because they have very little mass, they have a low inertia, which makes them quick and responsive when you need them to be.

While these hubs don’t come standard on every mountain bike or even most road bikes, they’re available as aftermarket options for those who want them installed on their ride. This may help the biker save up some cost as second hand hubs are inexpensive compared to new ones.

Who is a Loud Hub for?

The topic of loudest hubs is a hotly debated topic. While there are many riders who are adamant that they can hear their bike being ridden at a distance, others are equally passionate about the opposite opinion. The truth is that there is no right or wrong answer to this question—it all depends on your personal preferences and style of riding.

However, we do have some suggestions for those looking for some guidance on what to look for when choosing a hub to match your style of riding.

If you’re an aggressive rider who likes to make their presence known, then look for hubs made from stainless steel or titanium because they will be more durable than plastic hubs. If you tend to go off-road a lot, then consider buying a hub designed specifically with off-road use in mind. These will usually include features like knobs that make it easy to adjust tension and seals that keep mud out of your internal components (even if your bike isn’t designed for it).

If you prefer more comfort when riding downhill but still want to feel connected with other riders or just add extra horsepower, then choose an aluminum hub with carbon fiber covers because they will help reduce weight while also providing better braking properties than standard aluminum hubs.

Reasons Bikers Want Loud Hubs

Following are some of the reasons bikers prefer loud hubs for their mountain bikes:

Clear Traffic

The loud hubs are a blessing in disguise in crowded hours on the street. The loud noise works as a horn as pedestrians and cars make way for your bicycle.


Loud hubs are a status symbol. They are usually expensive. This means that a biker who has a loud hub will have had invested in his bike. Other bikers would give respect to that and acknowledge to the biker being a true bike lover.


When you are out on the track, the loud noise keeps the wildlife and other cyclists at bay. This serves as a safety and precaution measure.

Reasons why bikers don’t want loud hubs

Some bikers don’t like loud hubs in their MTB’s. This is because of the following reasons:

It can be annoying

The loud noise can be annoying for bikers.

Unwanted Attention

The loud noise may attract unwanted attraction from others as it could others to be annoyed from the noise.

Blocks communication

The loud noise blocks communication which can be dangerous. Occasionally, bikers may need to communicate with other bikers. The loud hub can cause hinderance in communication.

Connecting to the nature

Some bikers love to connect to the nature and their surroundings when they are out riding. The loud hub noise can affect this connection. Therefore, some bikers may not like loud hubs.


This was your go to guide for everything related to the loudest hubs for MTB. Loud hubs are high quality and a sign of status amongst bikers. They are especially useful in mountain bikes where there is a lot of rough terrain cycling.

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