Ibis Ripmo Vs Yeti SB130: Which One is Better?

Ibis Ripmo and Yeti SB130 both are top of the line mountain bikes. Both bikes are popular among professional mountain bikers. These bikes are designed to be taken on rough trails where they can handle anything you throw at them.

Mountain bikes are sturdy with fat tires which offer great grip on the trails. They have good suspension which absorbs shocks and bumps with ease, making the bike ride enjoyable. Mountain bikes come in a number of gears, which help in climbing hills and controlling the bike. Both Ibis Ripmo and Yeti SB130 are high end mountain bikes which offer all these features and much more.

A lot of cyclists ask if they had to choose between the two, which one is a better choice? After all, both bikes are high end mountain bikes. Both have been around for a few years and have built a solid repute. So it is natural to be curious about the difference between Ibis Ripmo and Yeti SB130 and what the fuss is all about. Therefore, we will discuss in detail the features of Ibis Ripmo Vs Yeti SB130 and see which one is better.

YETI SB130 vs Ibis Ripmo – Which is Faster? (Video)

Ibis Ripmo: Overview

Credits: Ibiscycles
Front Travel160mm
Rear Travel147mm

Ibis Ripmo V2 is one of the best mountain bikes in the market. It has top of the line features. Ibis Ripmo V2 comes with 29 inch wheel, which is perfect for professionals. The big wheels provide more speed to the cyclist. However, beginners will do well with the 26 inch wheel size. Considering that Ibis Ripmo V2 is designed for experienced cyclists looking for high end mountain bike, it comes as no surprise that the bike is fitted with 29 inch wheels.

The Ibis Ripmo V2 has 147mm DW Link suspension system. The suspension is effective on bumps on rocky trails and absorbs shocks very well. The front travel is 160mm. The suspension system is top notch and you will feel it on rough trails.


  • Great on climbs and descents
  • Top notch suspension system
  • Build quality


  • Price
  • 14.1kg weight

Yeti SB130: Overview

Credits: Yeticycles
Front Travel150mm
Rear Travel145mm

With a front travel of 150mm and rear travel of 145mm, Yeti SB130 is a joy to ride on the trails. It is lightweight, weighing just over 13kg. This is thanks to the aluminum construction.

Yeti SB130 is very good on steep climbs and descents. The bike is durable and sturdy and can handle most tough trails. It offers great speed thanks to the 29 inch wheel it has. Overall the bike can handle anything you throw at it.

One thing to note about Yeti SB130 is that it is quite pricey. This is true with most bikes from Yeti. The brand has a loyal fanbase who won’t be bogged down by the high price tag. However, this is one thing you must consider.


  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Grip provides good traction


  • Expensive
  • A bit difficult to control

Ibis Ripmo Vs Yeti SB130: Comparison

SpecsIbis RipmoYeti SB130
Wheel size29 inches29 inches
Front Travel160mm150mm
Rear Travel147mm145mm
Weight14.1 kg13.4 kg

Both Ibis Ripmo V2 and Yeti SB130 are quality mountain bikes. Both have certain pros and cons. Let’s take a dive in to see how the two great mountain bikes compare with one another.


The first thing I want to point out is the weight of the two bikes. Ibis Ripmo V2 weighs 14.1 kg while the Yeti SB130 weighs 13.4 kg.

This means the Yeti SB130 is lighter in weight than Ibis Ripmo V2. When it comes to mountain bikes, weight does come into play especially when climbing steep hills. Carrying extra weight will make it tough to reach high speeds. You also need to control the bike and the extra weight makes it difficult to control the bike.


Both Ibis Ripmo V2 and Yeti SB130 are a pleasure to drive. Loaded with high end components, these bikes are a treat to take on rough trails. When it comes to handling, both bikes are easy to handle.

Yeti SB130 has some sharp angles. This may make the bike a bit difficult to control on rougher trails. Therefore, in terms of handling, Ibis Ripmo V2 has a slight edge over Yeti SB130.


Suspension can make or break a mountain bike. Mountain bikes are primarily used in off road and rough trails. Suspension absorbs the shocks and bumps during the ride. Therefore, it is important to have a good suspension system in place.

Ibis Ripmo V2 has a front travel of 160mm and rear travel of 147mm. Yeti SB130 has a front travel of 147mm and a rear travel of 145mm. Ibis Ripmo uses DW-Link suspension system. Yeti SB130 uses Switch Infinity suspension system. Both suspension systems are top notch and will absorb most of the impact of rough trails. Between the two, however, Ibis Ripmo V2 has better suspension and much less forgiving than the Yeti SB130 on bumps.


Both Ibis Ripmo V2 and Yeti SB130 mountain bikes come equipped with disc brakes. Disc brakes are preferred over rim brakes as they are more reliable and don’t slip in wet conditions. As both bikes have disc brakes, both are quite reliable and you can ride the bike confidently knowing that these brakes won’t fail you.


As these two bikes are high end, they are heavy on the pocket. $7300 is the price for both Yeti SB130 and Ibis Ripmo V2. These bikes are designed for professionals looking to get the best performance. This performance comes at a price and professionals are willing to pay that price. Between the two bikes, Ibis Ripmo V2 is better value for money as it is the better bike between the two. The differences are minor but Ibis Ripmo V2 is the better bike overall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ibis Ripmo a good climber?

Yes. Ibis Ripmo is an excellent climber. This is due to the tires which offer great grip on climbs. The good grip means the bike does not slip and climbs hills with ease.

Is SB130 an enduro bike?

SB130 may be considered an enduro bike. This is due to the fact that it is very effective on downhills and can reach good speeds.

How good is the Yeti SB130?

Yeti SB130 is a great bike. It is a very versatile bike. The bike is great on climbs but it shines on descents. Yeti SB130 is an enduro bike that can reach fast speeds on descents.


If you are looking for a high end and top notch mountain bike, you cannot go wrong with either of Ibis Ripmo or Yeti SB130. Between the two, I would go for Ibis Ripmo V2. The differences between the two bikes are minor but I would pick Ibis Ripmo V2 as it is the better overall bike. Both are priced the same but Ibis Ripmo has slightly better features. Let us know in the comments which one do you prefer and why.

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