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How to Use a Rear Bike Rack

We all have used the rear bike rack on our bikes for a number of things when we were young. I used to carry my school bag and sometimes give a friend a ride on the bike using the rear bike rack. Once I grew up and met likeminded cyclists, I realized that there are actually quite a number of efficient ways I can use my rear bike rack. If you are also wondering how to use a rear bike rack, then you have come at the right place. This article will cover the everything about bike racks including a rear rack buying guide and uses.

A rear bike rack is a versatile piece of bike accessory which can really enhance your cycling experience. You can do so much with a rear bike rack. You can run errands like going shopping and use the bike rack to secure your items. You can also use the bike rack on longer trips by securing your luggage on it. Therefore, it is a good idea to install a rear bike rack on your bike as it gives you so much versatility.

8 Ways to Use a Rear Bike Rack

A rear bike rack can be used in a number of ways. Following are the 8 ways you can use a rear bike rack

Dog carrier

If you are a dog person and always wonder how to take your dog along with you on an adventure, then using your rear bike rack as a dog carrier is a no-brainer. There are a number of dog carriers available in the market. Our recommendation is the Schwinn bike pet trailer (LINK). It is a sturdy and reliable dog carrier in which your dog will feel safe.

Child seat

A lot of people take their children along with them on the bike. For such purposes, a child seat can be a great addition to your bike. You can attach a child seat carrier on your rear bike rack and take your kid along with you. This can be a great bonding experience. You can simply run errands like going to the mall or go on longer trails for a nice adventure. (LINK)

Backpack carrier

Carrying a heavy backpack on your back will cause you to feel tired. This is true especially on longer routes. The last thing you want while cycling is to carry an extra load on your back. To avoid this, I love to use my rear bike carrier to carry my backpack. You can attach your backpack to the bike carrier and bike with ease. Using a backpack carrier will ensure that you don’t tire out and can cycle for longer time with ease.


You can attach baskets on your bike carrier and use them on errands such as grocery shopping. All you have to do is to put your grocery bags in the basket and you are good to go. Baskets are quite versatile as you can attach them either on the front of the bike or the back. It all depends on what you find easy. Baskets are quite sturdy so you don’t have to worry about your grocery falling out while cycling.

Saddle packs

Saddle packs are installed under the seat of your bike. They are quite useful to carry mini items and don’t take up a lot of space. If you are not a fan of traditional bike carriers and find them taking too much space, saddle packs can be a great option for you. Normally, cyclists use the saddle pack to store tools which are useful for bike repair work. You can also use saddle pack for items like rain coat that can come in handy in rain. (LINK)


Panniers are perhaps the most common ways of using the rear bike carrier. You can easily attach panniers to your bike racks and carry items like clothes, bottles etc. with ease. Panniers are spacious and can carry a lot of stuff. This makes them a popular choice when it comes to rear bike carriers. You can attach panniers to your bike carrier with hooks or clips. Panniers are useful for everyday commute as they are spacious and don’t interfere with the balance of the bike.

Rack trunk

If you want something smaller than a pannier but bigger than a saddle pack, a rack trunk is your go to choice. Rack trunks are smaller than panniers but have the same function. You can carry your tools and everyday commuting items in a rack trunk.


Crates are very similar to a basket and have the same usage as it. Usually made of wood, crates can be installed on the front or the back of the bike. You can use them while running errands such as grocery shopping. You simply drop your items in the crates and bike to your destination.

Factors to consider when buying a rear bike rack

A rear bike rack can be a worthwhile investment thanks to the multiple uses it offers. If you are looking to buy a rear bike rack, then it is better to consider the following factors before making the purchase.


Bike racks come in different shapes and sizes. You may end up liking a bike rack only to find out that it does not fit your bike. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the bike rack is compatible with your bike. You can do so by checking the bike’s measurement and see if the bike rack you are getting will fit properly.


Just like all other bike components, bike racks are also made with different materials. If you are looking for a bike rack that can handle everyday tasks like shopping and commuting with ease, it is a good idea to invest in a quality bike rack. A strong and sturdy bike rack will last you a good time and will also give you a peace of mind while carrying out tasks on your bike. You can opt for aluminum bike racks as they are lightweight and won’t bear your bike down.


It is always advisable to keep a budget in your mind. The last thing you want is to overspend on a bike accessory. Go for quality bike racks which offer the right features for your needs. There are a number of bike racks available in the market which offer great value for money.

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