How Do I Setup My Ebike Controller

Ebike controller is the brain of an electric bike. Everything an Ebike is supposed to do originates from the Ebike controller. If you are looking to setup your Ebike controller, you have come to the right place. This article is all about how do I setup my Ebike controller. It will give a detailed step by step guide on how to setup an Ebike controller.

You will be usually searching on how to setup an Ebike controller when you are replacing your old one. We will be using an LCD display screen to setup the Ebike controller. I have personally changed my electric bike’s controller multiple times and can, therefore, give you a hand-on experience on how to setup your Ebike controller.

If you have been using in electric bike, you will notice that all LCD screens in the Ebike controller have 2 parameters, namely P parameter and C parameter. The functions of these parameters may slightly vary based on the model of the Ebike’s LCD. We will cover all 3 popular LCD screens and how to setup your Ebike controller using them.

P ParameterFunction
P1Motor functions
P2Speed Sensors
P3Pedal Assist Functions (ranges from 0 to 5)
P4Throttle function (0 and 1)
P5Motor and battery functions
C ParameterFunction
C1Throttle startup settings
C2Shows motor classification code
C3Power assist ratio (ranges from 0 to 5)
C4e-bike handlebar
C5Operating current
C6Backlit LCD brightness (ranges from 1 to 5)
C7Cruise setting
C8Motor temperature
C9Password setting
C10Factory reset setting (Pressing Y will factory reset)
C11LCD attribute setting (ranges from 0 to 2)
C12Min operating voltage
C13ABS brake setting
C14Power assist setting (ranges from 1 to 3)

How to setup your Ebike controller on KT-LCD 3

The KT-LCD3 is a popular Ebike controller LCD. It is commonly found in a lot of electronic bikes. So we will start of with this LCD model.

KT-LCD3 has 3 different LCD screens you go through. Each screen has different set of functions.

When you press the middle button, you will be able to turn on the screen. This screen will show you all the important information related to battery, speed, distance, temperature and Pedal assist system.

The second screen can be accessed by pressing the middle button once more. This screen will show your average speed and odometer.

The third screen can be accessed by by pressing the middle button again. This screen will show the fastest speed, battery voltage and the temperature.

If you are buying a new machine, everything will be set to default and you won’t have to do anything. However if you are getting a used Ebike controller, you can reset the Ebike controller.

How to adjust speed settings on KT-LCD3

  • Turn on the LCD controller by pressing the middle button
  • HOLD up and down buttons once the screen is on
  • The speed limit number will start blinking
  • You can set your desired max speed based on your electric bike model
  • Save the settings by pressing the middle button

How to adjust tire settings on KT-LCD3

  • Turn on the LCD controller by pressing the middle button
  • HOLD up and down buttons once the screen is on
  • The speed limit number will start blinking. Press the middle button to move to the tire settings
  • You may increase your tire size by 2 inches max for good results, but it all depends on your preferences. If in doubt, leave it at the default setting

How to adjust distance reading on KT-LCD3

  • Turn on the LCD controller by pressing the middle button
  • HOLD up and down buttons once the screen is on
  • The speed limit number will start blinking
  • To access the distance reading, press the middle button twice
  • Note if you change your units from miles to kilometers, your temperature reading will also change from Farenheight to Celsius.

How to setup your Ebike controller on KT-LCD8H

KT-LCD8H is another popular model in Ebike controllers. It is the upgraded version of the KT-LCD3 and comes with a color screen. The screen is crisp and sharp with bright colors. Most of the functions remain the same as the previous KT-LCD3 model. So you can follow the steps mentioned above to configure the new KT-LCD8H screen.

How to setup your Ebike controller on S866 LCD

The S866 LCD is commonly used on Lankeleisi Ebikes. S866 LCD also has 3 different screens similar to KT-LCD3. However, unlike KT-LCD3, the screens are much more simpler when it comes to information.

The first screen shows information related to Pedal Assist System and current speed.

The second screen displays information on the average speed.

The third screen displays information about the max speed.

You will use P parameter to setup the S866 LCD screen. The following table summarizes the key functions of all P parameters, which will allow you to setup your Ebike’s controller.

P ParameterFunction
P1Brightness of the LCD screen. Can be adjusted using positive (+) and negative (-) buttons. Ranges from 1 to 3
P2Distance reading setting. 0 will set km as main unit while 1 will set miles as main unit
P3Battery voltage setting
P4Settings for LCD sleep mode. 0 means no sleep mode while 1 means you can set a timer from 1 minute to 60 minutes.
P5Power assist mode settings
P6Tire settings
P7Settings for speed magnets
P8Sets max speed
P9Startup assist setting. 0 means startup assist is off while 1 is startup assist on
P10Throttle settings. 1 means throttle while 2 means pedal assist on
P11Sensitivity settings
P12Start strength settings
P13Sets up number of magnets on the pedal assist desk
P14Sets up max current for the controller
P15Under voltage safety settings
P16Odometer settings. Can be reset by holding the positive (+) button for 6 seconds
P17Cruise settings. 0 means cruise is off and 1 means cruise is on
P18Speed ration adjustment settings
P19Sets up gear, with 0 being gear disabled and 1 being gear enabled


Setting up an electric bike controller may seem a daunting task but it is actually quite easy. You just need to know your model make and what the parameters in it stand for. Doing so will allow you to set up your electric bike controller to any setting of your liking. Let us know in the comments below if you found this article helpful or if you would like to add more tips and tricks for our readers.

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