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Can You Use Peloton Bikes Without Internet? A Comprehensive Guide

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Can You Use Peloton Bikes Without Internet

In today’s tech-savvy world, where everything seems to rely on the internet, the question arises –

Can you use Peloton bikes without internet?

Whether you’re a Peloton enthusiast or just curious about the possibilities, we’ve got you covered.

This article will delve into the intricacies of Peloton’s offline capabilities and guide you on how to make the most of your Peloton bike even when you’re disconnected from the web.

Can You Use Peloton Bikes Without Internet

Understanding Peloton Bikes

Before we dive into the offline mode, let’s first understand what Peloton bikes are and why they’ve taken the fitness world by storm.

Peloton bikes are high-end stationary exercise bikes equipped with cutting-edge technology. They come with a large touchscreen display that streams live and on-demand workout classes. These classes are led by world-class instructors, and they cover a wide range of fitness disciplines, from cycling and running to strength training and yoga.

The Internet Dependency of Peloton

To answer the burning question, yes, Peloton bikes require an internet connection to access their full range of features. Here’s why:

1. Live Classes

One of the primary reasons people love Peloton is its live classes. These classes, led by energetic instructors, allow you to work out in real-time with other users worldwide. Whether it’s a high-intensity spin class or a calming yoga session, the live element adds motivation and a sense of community. However, to partake in these classes, a consistent internet connection is essential. The live video stream and interaction with instructors and fellow users require a robust online link to function seamlessly.

2. On-Demand Classes

Apart from live classes, Peloton offers a vast library of on-demand workouts. These workouts cater to a variety of fitness preferences and time constraints. Want to squeeze in a quick 20-minute ride or embark on an hour-long endurance challenge? Peloton’s on-demand library has you covered. But, like live classes, accessing and streaming these on-demand sessions depends on a stable internet connection.

3. User Metrics

Peloton takes your fitness seriously and provides you with detailed metrics during your workouts. Metrics like speed, resistance, cadence, heart rate, and power output are displayed on the screen, helping you track your progress and performance. These metrics are not only motivating but also essential for setting and achieving fitness goals. However, to store this data and sync it with your Peloton account, an internet connection is necessary. This enables you to review your workout history, track improvements, and share your achievements with the Peloton community.

Exploring Peloton’s Offline Capabilities

While Peloton is heavily reliant on the internet, it does offer limited offline functionality. Here’s what you can do without an active internet connection:

1. Offline Workouts

Peloton understands that there may be times when an internet connection is unavailable. To cater to such situations, they allow you to download a selection of workouts for offline use. These workouts are pre-recorded classes that cover a range of fitness disciplines. You can download them when you have an internet connection and access them anytime, even without an internet connection. This feature is particularly useful for those times when you’re traveling or in an area with poor connectivity.

2. Music

Music can be a significant motivator during your workouts. Peloton acknowledges this and allows you to download music playlists for offline use. This means that even if you’re working out in an area with no internet access, you can still enjoy your favorite tunes to keep you pumped and energized.

3. Manual Mode

For those who prefer a more straightforward, self-guided workout experience, Peloton bikes have a manual mode. This mode doesn’t require an internet connection. You can use it to ride the bike without any guidance, tracking, or metrics. While it lacks the bells and whistles of Peloton’s connected features, it’s an option for those seeking a basic, no-frills workout.

How to Use Peloton Bikes Without Internet

Now that you know what’s possible let’s walk through the steps to use your Peloton bike without an internet connection:

1. Download Workouts

Before going offline, ensure you’ve downloaded the workouts you want to do. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Ensure your Peloton bike is connected to the internet.
  • Access the on-demand classes from the home screen.
  • Browse and select the workout or workouts you want to download.
  • Look for the “Download” option and select it.
  • Wait for the download to complete. The time it takes may vary depending on your internet speed and the size of the workout.

2. Activate Airplane Mode

Once you’ve downloaded your desired workouts, it’s time to disconnect from the internet. Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the settings menu on your Peloton bike’s screen.
  • Look for the “Airplane Mode” option and activate it. This will disconnect your bike from the internet while preserving your downloaded content.

3. Start Your Offline Workout

With Airplane Mode active, you can now access the workouts you’ve downloaded in your library. Here’s how to start your offline workout:

  • From the home screen, access your workout library.
  • Select the downloaded workout you want to do.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to begin your workout.

Keep in mind that while you can complete the workout offline, the metrics and data won’t sync with your Peloton account until you reconnect to the internet. So, if tracking your progress is essential, be sure to sync your workouts later when you have internet access.


In conclusion, while Peloton bikes do require an internet connection for their full range of features, you can still use them offline to some extent. By downloading workouts and enabling Airplane Mode, you can enjoy your Peloton bike without the need for an internet connection.

Remember that while offline, you won’t have access to live classes, real-time metrics, or leaderboard rankings. However, this shouldn’t deter you from staying committed to your fitness goals, even in internet-challenged situations.


1. Can I take live classes without an internet connection?

No, live classes require an active internet connection to stream in real-time. To fully participate in the Peloton community, a stable internet connection is necessary.

2. How much space do downloaded workouts take up on my Peloton bike?

Downloaded workouts are designed to take up minimal storage space on your Peloton bike. They are optimized to ensure you can download a variety of workouts without impacting your bike’s performance or storage capacity significantly.

3. Do I need a Peloton membership to access offline workouts?

Yes, to access and download workouts for offline use, you’ll need an active Peloton membership. The membership provides you with access to the extensive library of on-demand classes.

4. Can I sync my offline workout data with my Peloton account later?

Unfortunately, metrics from offline workouts cannot be synced with your Peloton account retroactively. To ensure your workout data is tracked and recorded, you’ll need to be connected to the internet during your workout sessions.

5. Are there any limitations to using Peloton bikes offline?

Yes, when offline, you won’t have access to live classes, real-time metrics, or leaderboard rankings. While offline mode provides flexibility, it does come with the trade-off of missing out on the interactive elements of the Peloton experience.

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