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Best Bikes Under $300

Bikes have become very popular in the past decade. This is due to many reasons. The fuel prices have risen and bikes offer a great value for money ride, especially for shorter routes. Bikes are eco friendly too. You play your part in keeping the environment clean. Cycling is also a great form of cardiovascular exercise. You can save on gas, be environmental friendly and get fit all through cycling. This is why cycling is so good for everyone irrespective of age.

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Why Consider Bikes Under $300

Kids or adults, people of all ages can ride a bike.  Choosing a bike is where problems may arise. Bikes come in all price range and therefore, it can get a bit challenging to pick a bike right for you. You don’t want to spend too much on features you may not need. You also don’t want to buy a bike which is too basic for your needs and after which you may end up regretting your choice.

For most, $300 is a good range from where to begin your cycling journey. $300 will give you a good basic bike which will have most features for everyone. It will give you the best bang for your bucks. $300 is a good starting point for most people, be it adults looking to commute or parents looking to buy their kids a bike. As you become more a more experienced cyclist, you may eventually upgrade to better and expensive models.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Bike Under $300

There are some factors you need to consider before investing in a bike. This will help you make a satisfying purchase and not one you will regret later on. Following are the factors to consider before buying a bike under $300:


You need to consider how many gears the bike has. For casual riding, you don’t need a lot of gears. For flat areas, 7 speed gears are fine. If you plan on biking in rougher terrains with quite a lot of incline and decline, then you may have to opt for a bike with more gears so that you have more control.


You need to have confidence in your brakes. Having trust in your brakes makes you a confident biker. Some bikes come only with rear brakes while others come with both rear and front wheel brakes. Some have basic brakes while others come with disc brakes. It all depends on your budget and the type of area you are looking to ride on that you will select the one right for you. Disc brakes are excellent but are pricey. Having brakes both in the front and rear makes the bike stop more smoothly.

Riding Position

Different bikes have different riding positions. Most people commuting to work or riding casually prefer an upright position. This allows you to look around and enjoy your ride. On the other hand, racers prefer a more flat position as this position offers the least wind resistance and they can ride faster.


Having tires suited for road won’t work on the trail as they would be slippery and get damaged easily. Similarly, having large rough tires won’t work very well on flat roads as they won’t provide a lot of speed. Therefore, you must consider what type of tires you want in your bike depending on the type of rider you are.

Rear Rack

Rear rack is quite useful for portability. You can carry around small backpack will ease. This makes rear rack a great choice for commuters and college students. On the other hand, if you are training or biking for exercise, you don’t really need a rear rack. Therefore, you must also consider whether having a rear rack is better for you or not.

Best Bikes Under $300 for Kids

Sixthreezero Around The Block Beach Cruiser

Kids adore biking and for $300, you can’t go wrong with the Sixthreezero Around the Block Beach Cruiser. It is a perfect starter bike and is available in speeds till 21. The higher variants will be pricier though. The tires are 2 inches and provide a nice stable ride. As it is a cruiser, it is not meant for extreme terrains. Most kids will find this perfect though and is a great choice of biker under $300.

Best Bikes Under $300 for Women

Sixthreezero Around the Block Women’s Cruiser

This is similar to the above mentioned above but for women. It is available in speeds till 7. It provides a nice stable ride. This bike also has a rear rack which is great for carrying around small items. As this is a cruiser bike, it is not meant for rough terrains but is perfect for most terrains.

Best Bikes Under $300 for Adults

Sixthreezero Hybrid Bike

This is a great bike under $300. It is a hybrid bike. Therefore, it provides a balance between mountain and road bikes. It is perfect for most adults starting out on their biking journey and a great budget option. The wheels are 26 inch and it has a classic style. As it is a hybrid bike, you can easily commute on it as well as take it out for a spin.

Best Bikes Under $300 for Commuting

Concord Hybrid Bike

Most people want to invest in a bike for commuting. A bike for commuting should provide a stable and steady ride. It should be comfortable to ride and not bumpy. The concord hybrid bike is a great choice as it ticks all these points. It is also under $300, which makes it a great choice for commuters. It has a sporty look with aluminum frame which is light in weight. 

Best Bikes Under $300 for College Students

Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bike

College students want something reliable day in day out. The Schwinn Wayfarer Bike is a great choice. It is under $300 and has a retro classic look. The frame is made of steel which is quite durable. It is a great bike for cruising around casually. You can even take it out on light trails. The bike has 7 speed gears, which is ideal for flat routes.


There you go. These are the best bikes under $300 you can opt for. There are several other bikes as well but according to our research, these bikes have great performance and reviews. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with these bikes under $300 as they are ideal for starters, both adults and kids alike.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our author, Zain, has been cycling for more than a decade now. He has vast experience in all kinds of bikes, be it mountain bikes, road bikes or hybrid bikes. He knows the ins and outs of bikes. On the weekend, he usually goes out on the trails for a nice cycling session. Having been in the world of cycling for so long, he knows the technical aspects of bikes as well. He has even repairs his own bikes. He commutes daily to work on his bike. With so much experience under his belt, he is the right man to guide our readers to everything bike related. He has done the research for you which will help you save time and get the best bike under $300 for you.

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