About Us

TheBikeGuider is your go to blog for everything bike related. We cover everything related to bikes including bike buying guides, bike maintenance guides, cycling techniques and cycling gear. This is a lot of information and not a lot of people know about cycling. Being a cyclist enthusiast, we are  passionate about bikes and want to share our cycling experience of more than a decade.  

Our team has decades of experience in the world of cycling. We have used different types of bikes for different purposes and have learnt a lot of valuable lessons along the way which we want to share with you.

Finding the right bike isn’t easy as there are a lot of options. This is where TheBikeGuider comes in. Here at TheBikeGuider we aim to guide you to choose the right bike for you. Furthermore we give you valuable tips on bike maintenance, bike gear and accessories.

Occasionally, we recommend products we have used ourselves so that you can also benefit from them. All in all, The Bike Guider is your go to source for everything related to bikes and cycling.

If you would like to give some suggestions or get in touch, we are always just a message away.

Meet Our Team

Zain Anjum

Zain Anjum is our Editor in Chief and a Biking Freak. He is a fitness enthusiast who has run multiple marathons and races. He has been cycling for more than a decade now. What started as a hobby is now his full time passion.

He is our go to guy for all your cycling and biking needs. His experience is unrivalled and we consider him as a cycling encyclopedia with all the knowledge. We have given Zain this platform to share his years of biking experience with our valuable readers.

He has vast experience in all sorts of bikes as he commutes on bike occasionally and loves to go on the trails as well. If you want to get in touch with Zain for any query, feel free to drop a message.