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24 Inch Bike for What Size Person

Everyone looking to buy a bike has to first consider the size of the bike. There are so many options to choose from, including 24 inch wheel size.

Given the abundance of wheel size options, it can become a bit overwhelming. Choosing the right bike size is important to make or break your biking experience.

If you are looking to find 24 inch bike for what size person, this guide will help you a lot in making the right decision.

A 24 inch bike is typically meant for someone who is between 4’8″ and 5’2″. If you are shorter than 4’8″, you should choose 20 inch bike And if you are taller than 5’2″, you may want to consider a 26 inch bike.

What is a 24 Inch Bike?

A 24 inch bike is the diameter of the wheel of the bike. The wheel size is mostly used to determine the right bike size.

Mostly, kids are in growing phase. The wheel size helps to see which height is best suited for the cyclist. Most kids, especially teenagers, find the 24 inch bike ideal according to their height.

Similarly, women also find the 24 inch bike suitable. You can buy bikes according to the wheel size or the frame size. Adults mostly use frame size to find their bike size.

However, most people find that wheel size is the more accurate way of finding the bike size best suited for them.

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Types of 24 Inch Bikes

24 inch bikes come in many forms. Following are some of the most popular 24 inch bike types:

24 Inch Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes have been around for ages and are popular among kids and adults alike.

24 inch Mountain bikes are ideal for rough trails where you require a lot of grip. Most mountain bikes come with fat tires which can grip the loose gravel and trail surface.

Mountain bikes also have good suspension on them to reduce the bumpiness of the ride as much as possible. They also come in large number of gears which help the biker to climb steep hills easily and control the descend on slopes.

24 Inch Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes have become popular over the past decade and for good reason. A number of people have started commuting to work.

Cycling is not only environmental friendly but you also save a lot on gas. The rise in demand in hybrid bikes show that people are buying more hybrid bikes with every passing year.

What makes hybrid bikes unique is that they offer the best of both mountain bikes and road bikes. They have slightly fatter tires than road bikes which are grippy enough but don’t compromise on speed too much.

24 inch Hybrid bikes can be used on a wide variety of trails and roads. Therefore, these bikes offer the best bang for buck for most cyclists as they are very versatile.

24 Inch Road Bikes

Road bikes offer the most speed amongst all bike types. They have thin tires which are excellent on paved roads. The riding position on a road bike is different than the riding position on other bike types.

A cyclist rides the road bike aerodynamically. This position causes the least wind resistance and allows the biker to go fast. However, the riding position may be a bit uncomfortable for kids and beginners.

24 Inch Kids Bikes

Kids love cycling. It is a great way of going outdoors and exploring the nature. Kids bikes are lower in height. The wheel size is usually between 20 inch and 24 inch. Kids tend to grow fast.

So you want a bike which will cater to most of their growing age. Kids bikes are generally a version of mountain bikes. They offer good grip and kids can ride the bike confidently.

24 Inch Cruiser/Beach Bikes

Cruiser bikes are for casual bike riding. You will find them on a number of beach promenades. They have a low center to gravity.

The main purpose of the 24 inch cruiser bikes is casual cycling. So the bike needs to be comfortable. Some cruiser bikes also have place for cargo. Cruiser and beach bikes are popular among kids and women.

24 Inch Bike for What Age?

The 24 inch bike size is popular among kids and women. The 24 inch bike is shorter than the 26 inch bike size. It is mostly suitable for kids and teenagers.

Kids from the age of 8 to 14 years will find it suitable to ride the 24 inch wheel bike size. Some teenagers can also ride the 26 inch bike but for most kids, 24 inch wheel bike is ideal. It offers a good overall cycling experience.

24 Inch Bike Suitable for What Height? Size Chart

The following chart will guide you about the 24 inch bike suitable for what height.

HeightWheel Size
4’6 – 5’124 inches
5’2-5’724 inches
5’3-5’726 inches
5’8 and above27 or 29.5 inches

What is the difference among 24 inch, 26 inch and 29 inch bikes?

If the bike size is referring to the wheel size, then the main difference among these bikes is the diameter of the wheel. 24 inch wheel size is good for kids.

For taller people however, 26 inch wheel size will be better. In fact, 26 inch size is most versatile and most people will be able to ride a bike with that size with ease.

For those looking for more speed, a bigger diameter will be helpful. This is the reason many professional bikers opt for the 27.5 and 29 inch wheel models.

Factors to Determine if 24 Inch Bike Is Your Size:

There are 2 mains factors to determine if 24 inch bike size will suit you or not.

Your Height

The first factor is the height. Most people measure their height and then get the bike size which matches their height. For reference, you can look at the chart mentioned above. Most kids and women will find 24 inch wheel size a reasonable size.

Your Inseam

The other thing to see is the inseam. The easiest way to check your inseam is to measure the inner length of your jeans. When riding the bike, the shorts/trousers tend to ride up as you pedal.

Having a bike according to the length of your inseam will allow for a much more comfortable ride. Usually, the inseam is a couple of inches shorter than the jeans length.

Age (for Children)

Kids tend to grow very fast. Having a bike which will last more than most of their childhood will help you save cost on a new bike.

In our experience, the 24 inch wheel size is good for most kids 10 years and above. For smaller children, you can go for the 20 inch bike size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

24 Inch Mountain Bike For What Size Person?

The 24 inch mountain bike is mostly for kids and women. People with height 4’6 till 5’7 can ride the 24 inch bike.

Is 24 Inch Bike For Adults?

The 24 inch bike size is for kids. However, shorter people can also ride the 24 inch bike.

Is 24 Inch Bicycle Suitable For a 6 Ft Man?

No. The 24 inch bike is quite small for a 6ft man. For 6 ft man, 27.5 inch bike will be better.

Can A 10 Year Old Ride a 24 Inch Bike?

Yes. A 10 year old can ride a 24 inch bike. Most kids can ride this bike.

What is the Weight Limit For A 24 Inch Bike?

Generally, 24 inch bike is for children and women. So keeping that in mind, heavier people should avoid the 24 inch bike.

Can A 24 Inch Bike Fit in a Car?

Yes, a 24 inch bike can easily fit in the car.

Can the bike fit at the back of my car?

Yes. You can also buy a bike carrier if you are short of room inside the car.

What if I am between two sizes?

This is a common problem where you find yourself in between two sizes. If this is the case, go for the larger size.

What is more important between the wheel size and the mountain bike frame size?

Both the wheel size and frame size are important. Generally speaking, we use wheel size to find bikes for children and we use frame size to find bikes for adults.


The 24 inch wheel bike size is very popular among children and women. This is the size which makes their ride most comfortable.

For teenagers and adults, a 26 inch bike size may be better. It all depends on your height. Shorter people will find the 24 inch bike more comfortable while taller people will prefer the 26 inch and above sizes.

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